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  [A] In India Partnership Firms are governed by Indian Partnership Act, 1932. The Govt. of Maharashtra implements this Act in Maharashtra. Maharashtra is the first state in India, which carried out Amendments to the Act in 1985. The registration and recording of change in constitution of a Registered Partnership Firm is the main function of Registrar of Firms. The Registrar of Firms, Mumbai is also appointed as Registrar of Non Trading Corporation under the Non Trading Corporation Act, 1959.

  [B] This Department of Registrar of firms has 4 offices in Maharashtra situated at Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Aurangabad. The Address of offices are as follows:-

  1. Registrar of firms, Maharashtra State, Mumbai.
       New Administrative Building, 6th Floor,
       Near Chetna College, Govt. Colony,
       Bandra (East), Mumbai- 400 051.
       Ph No. 022-26551149, 022-26551944.

  2. Assistant Registrar of Firms, Pune.
       Survey No. 47/30, Sarswati Parvati Bhavan,
       2nd Floor, Behind Lokesh Hotel,
       Arnyeshwar Corner, Pune Satara Road,
       Pune-411 009.
       Ph. No. 95250-24221808

  3. Assistant Registrar of Firms, Nagpur.
       118, Old Sachivalay Building,
       Civil Lines, Nagpur-440 001.
       Ph. No. 95712-2530897

  4. Assistant Registrar of Firms, Aurangabad.
       Gadiya Building, House No. 5/1/100,
       Near Divisional Library Office,
       Eknathnagar Road, Usmanpura,
       Aurangabad-431 005.
       Ph. No. 95240-2336798

  [C] Performance:-

 There are almost 6.65 Lakhs firms registered in Maharashtra. Out of which 4.5 lakhs firms are registered in Mumbai Office, 1.4 lakhs firms are registered in Pune Office, 55000 firms registered in Nagpur Office & 20000 firms are registered in Aurangabad Office.

  The following table indicates the average number of Applications, Notices and Application for Certified Copies/Inspection received in the Department of Registrar of Firms.

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